Enjoy the music - enjoy the simcha!

When I am a guest at an event I love to hear good music. I don't enjoy it when it is too loud to have a conversation with the friends I came to enjoy the simcha with!

When I play at a wedding, bar mitzva or other event I play real live music that has an energy just right for each stage of the party and enhances the atmosphere without getting in the way.

I play:
Electric and acoustic guitar
Irish flutes
Yes, at the same time! How ... ?


Watch my music videos to see what I do live. Some of these were recorded at live events, some in my studio, but I can do everything you see in the videos live too!

How do I play all my instruments live? I use a "loop pedal" which records whatever I am playing now then plays it right back as I layer another instrument on top!

My approach is a fresh take on the one man playing a keyboard.


"Mordechai played all the right songs! We've had him play at two simchas already and plan to hire him for our next Bat mitzvah. He had great rapport with the dancers and excellent choice of music during the meals and slideshow. He made the simcha!"

Batammi, Bet Shemesh


"Mordechai is a true master on his electric guitar. His power chords are sensational; his solos are mind-bending; and his riffs are delicious. Whether it's Clapton or Carlebach, Mordechai rocks the house!"

Avi Shmidman, Alon Shvut


Want me to perform at your wedding, private party, or special event? Have questions regarding my musical repertoire, performance rates, and availability? Please don’t hesitate to get in touch and I’ll be happy to help.

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