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Enjoy the music - enjoy the simcha!

When I am a guest at an event I love to hear good music. I don't enjoy it when it is too loud to have a conversation with the friends I came to enjoy the simcha with!

When I play at a wedding, bar mitzva or other event I play real live music that has an energy just right for each stage of the party and enhances the atmosphere without getting in the way.

I play:
Electric and acoustic guitar
Irish flutes
Yes, at the same time! How ... ?

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Watch my music videos to see what I do live. Some of these were recorded at live events, some in my studio, but I can do everything you see in the videos live too!

How do I play all my instruments live? I use a "loop pedal" which records whatever I am playing now then plays it right back as I layer another instrument on top!

My approach is a fresh take on the one man playing a keyboard.